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Educational Training & Social Impact Consulting

Hire Energizing, Experienced Community Organizers & Clinicians to Support Your Work!

Heartland Healing's CEO and partnering experts and therapists provide innovative, timely, and interactive training and education based on the needs of each client. We also provide organizational audits and policy recommendations for change toward greater accessibility & equity.

In alignment with our social justice values, Heartland provides the following discounts for workshops and keynote speeches:

  • Non-Profit Rate

  • Small Business Rate

  • Student/Community Organization Rate

Clinical Supervision

Responsive and Specialized licensure Preparation


Are you seeking experienced and consistent consultation and supervision toward your clinical licensure? Does your current organization not have the specialized staff to supervise you? Cassandra is dedicated to supporting clinicians as they grow.


 Cassandra provides: 

  • Support and development for individuals to discern who they would like to be as a therapist, and investment in developing therapists' specialized interests and skills

  • Individualized weekly supervision plans based on the supervisee's goals and needs


  • Consultation and training in care with special populations and with a wide range of modalities, including expressive therapies, and highly skilled care with LGBTQ2IA+ clients and polyamorous and non-monogamous partners

Training & Consultation

Cassandra has provided dynamic, interactive training workshops at conferences, non-profit organizations, and corporations across the United States since 2008, with a focus on issues of gender identity and sexual health, harm reduction, sex worker rights, conscious social work practice, and disability justice.


For additional information about any of the workshops and presentations listed below, please contact us. Trainings can be adapted for your organization's specific needs, and include presentations such as:

  • Building Body-Inclusive Practices

  • Body Liberation and Navigating Anti-Fat Bias

  • Navigating Non-Monogamy

  • Cultural Competency with LGBTQIAP+ Communities

  • Culturally Competent Care with Sex Workers

  • Church Hurt: Supporting Survivors of Religious Trauma

  • Roots In the Storm: Boundaries & Identity In Activist Work

  • Supporting Gender Transition & Reducing Gatekeeping

  •  Harm Reduction In Action

  • Sex Work Is Work: Erotic Services As a Labor Rights Issue

  • World-Making for Queer Crip & Chronically Ill Humans

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